• Hemp Pesto

    Posted On 03/20/2017 By BC Hemp Store

    Up your daily intake and substitute those expensive pine nuts for hemp hearts! Not only do they have similar taste, but hemp hearts contain more Omega 3, protein, and fiber compared to pine nuts. This pesto can be used on sandwiches, chicken, or in pasta as a smart way to make healthy food even healthier.

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  • Meatballs without Breadcrumbs

    Posted On 03/13/2017 By BC Hemp Store

    Whether you don’t eat bread or just looking for something different, try hemp seeds as a tasty replacement in your meatball recipe. Perfect for spaghetti or meatball sandwiches, these oven-baked meatballs are simple to make and full of flavor.

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  • Superfood Smoothie

    Posted On 02/28/2017 By BC Hemp Store

    Make your day a whole lot better with this powerful snack. Using a combination of hemp seed protein powder, maca, and barley grass powder, this superfood smoothie is great for on-the-run!

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  • Hemp and Almond Chocolate Squares

    Posted On 02/23/2017 By BC Hemp Store

    Take care of that sweet tooth with this healthy snack. Complete with hemp seeds and cacao, these no bake chocolate treats are packed with protein and antioxidants!

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  • Hemp Crusted Salmon

    Posted On 02/21/2017 By BC Hemp Store

    You will love this easy to make salmon recipe! A healthy dish packed with protein and Omega 3, and bursting with flavor. The mustard adds a little heat and creaminess, while the hulled hemp seeds make a nice crunchy texture. Everyone will be coming back for more!

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  • Homemade Vegetable Soup

    Posted On 02/19/2017 By BC Hemp Store

    This homemade vegetable soup recipe is easy to make and healthy too! Packed with hearty veggies, kale and hemp, it’s low carb, gluten free and vegan. This tasty soup is great for leftovers and is primed to become a staple in your kitchen. Recipe yields 6 or more modest serving

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  • Sustaining Mother Earth With Hemp

    Posted On 02/10/2017 By BC Hemp Store

    Climate change is one of the biggest issues we are facing today - as our population grows, so does the demand for key resources such as food and energy. Agriculture and deforestation represent about a third of greenhouse gas emissions and are significant contributors to global warming. If we can reduce this carbon footprint and choose more sustainable solutions, we can limit the negative impact they are having on our planet.

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